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Founded in 1977, Silenkar dedicates itself with excellence to the market of exhaust systems for agricultural and off road machines through the production, design and commercialization of mufflers, exhaust pipes and catalytic converters. It is committed to creating new technologies that fully meet customer needs through customized, on-demand projects that contribute to improving the environment.

Silenkar is a family business and the focus of its management makes its results and solutions increasingly optimized. Its mission is to be a reference for exhaust systems, with quality products and services.

At Silenkar, we are driven by a commitment to make a positive impact on the world and look forward to continuing to provide solutions that benefit our customers.
Competence and technical capacity


Production capacity of 15,000 pieces per shift/month.

Built area of 5,400 m².

It currently has over 100 employees.

Components and parts currently manufactured: silencers, catalytic converters and exhaust pipes.

Conducting noise tests, FEA, CFD, back pressure, fatigue, tightness, vibration analysis.



The company was founded as MK Metalúrgica Kirchhof Ltda, in an area of 200 m².
A MK Metalúrgica Kirchhof Ltd. in search of new market alternatives, acquired the Silenkar exhausts and started manufacturing 9 models of exhausts, with a production of 300 pieces per month.
A SILENKAR builds its 1st tube bending machine, with a mechanical drive and a capacity of up to 2 ½
SILENKAR makes its first major expansion, investing in an area of 10,000 m2 in the Industrial District of Santa Maria, with the aim of expanding its headquarters.
The company transfers its headquarters to the Industrial District. With this improvement, there was an increase of 26% in the production of parts, totaling the manufacture of 56,700 parts this year.
SILENKAR is awarded the Industrial Merit Award in the Metal Mechanic Sector of Santa Maria, offered by CACISM
SILENKAR wins the Entrepreneurial Talents Award from the Midwest Region in the industry category, offered by SEBRAE. It was the business community's recognition of its dynamism and skills. There is the implementation of the concept of total quality. This strategic vision further directs the focus on the customer.
Dedication to quality is consolidated with the achievement of ISO 9001 certification by DNV Det Norske Veritas. In addition, the commitment to the customer is reaffirmed with the creation of a specialized customer service and after-sales sector.
SILENKAR starts supplying exhausts to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market for agricultural machinery, with the first AGCO and Agrale customers
Among the various changes implemented this year, there was a change in the company's corporate structure and the strategic restructuring of the business, which made the company operate exclusively in the OEM market of agricultural machinery.
The company invests in setting up an acoustics laboratory, with noise and backpressure simulations. In partnership with UFSM, it supports the Research Group on Fuel Engines and Emissions (GPMOT), investing in the emission control laboratory.
SILENKAR invests and inaugurates its new and modern headquarters in the Industrial District, moving from a constructed area of 2,100 m² to a new area of 3,000 m² of constructed area.
Investment was made in a robotic welding cell to improve the process.
There was investment in the expansion of 1,600 m² in the productive sector, providing an improvement in the layout. From that moment on, the company has two pavilions in the production sector. In the product engineering sector, computer fluid dynamics (CFD) analyzes were started.
The process of expanding the second production hall by another 800m² was completed. More investments were made in the product engineering sector, with the creation of the chemical laboratory and the weld analysis laboratory. Silenkar starts supplying the first exhaust gas post-treatment project to its customers.

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