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Collaborator, MK Metalurgica Kirchhof Ltda, created this space so that you can report, safely and anonymously, irregularities and abuses identified in the workplace. For example, moral harassment and/or sexual harassment, racism, among others.

How to report

When formalizing the report, it is important that you accurately identify the facts that occurred, mentioning the day, time, sector of the company where the abuse occurred, as well as the people involved in the situation, including the aggressor and victim.

Anonymity and confidentiality

All whistleblowing reports can be made anonymously, with no identification required. Also remember that this channel is very serious and should only be used in real and concrete situations. The false imputation of conduct of this nature to others may constitute a crime against honor, such as insult, defamation and slander, without prejudice to labor and civil liability.

Procedures after reporting

Once the complaint is received, the information mentioned will be analyzed and the investigation of the facts will begin. It is extremely important that all the facts are consistent with the truth, because, if the facts are investigated and they are not consistent with the complaint, you may face the consequences of giving false testimony to a colleague. By clicking “Send”, you are aware that you are providing sensitive, truthful information and agree that this information will be treated in accordance with the company/organization's privacy policy and labor and civil liability.